Summer Mountain Retreat Norway 2021 - POSTPONED UNTIL 2022 DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS New dates to be confirmed...
July 29, 2021 - August 1, 2021
Dharma Mountain Retreat, Hedalsvegen 1220, 3528 Hedalen, Norway

This long weekend intensive is a time to call in Peace and Presence through the breath of silent inner attention. We come together to be in the still mirror of Nature and see our Self reflected back in the Wind, Water, Sky and Earth that surround us. In this beautiful summer mountain retreat, working with movement, sitting meditation and reflection we will dance, fall back and rest. Time for us all to invite in the deep physical listening of silent embodied enquiry to ground to loosen and to soften.

Our retreat is located in the still Norwegian mountains about 2 hours from Oslo. We will stay at the beautiful Dharma Mountain Retreat Centre, an oasis of peace, nestled in a glorious natural landscape of mountain, river, grass and sky. Arrival is late afternoon on the 29th of July. Departure is late afternoon on the 1st August.

Tuition fees* (in euros to MIC): 300€ (if paid in full by the 10th April). After that the price is 370€.
Accommodation including food are paid and booked separately (in NOK) directly with the Centre.
Prices between 2660 and 3660 NOK including all meals.

*You can contact us if you feel to attend but fee is prohibitive to you.

Alain & Sarah
Dharma Mountain Retreat, Hedalsvegen 1220, 3528 Hedalen, Norway