Weekday Meditation
December 8, 2021 @ 12:00 AM - December 8, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

We meet online each weekday to host shared meditation. Regardless of your experience you are welcome to join us.

You are free to attend as (in)frequenty as you feel to. We have regulars and “once in a whilers” ! Though we commend the benefit of daily practice it is important that you follow your own rhythm, as and when you feel to sit with us.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
06:45 -08:00 GMT

Starting at 06.45 (UK time) chanting the Gayatri Mantra until 07.00. Then we continue for an hour in silent sitting  from 7am – 8am with some guidance into breath and body. You are welcome to join at any time before 7.15 and leave before the end if you need to.

Tuesday and Thursday
20:00 -21:00 GMT

An hour of silent sitting with some guidance into breath and body. Again we ask that you arrive on time if you can but ideally by 20.15 latest.

About Payment
We do not charge for our daily meditations, but any donations are welcome. If you choose to donate then it is your choice what amount and how often you do this. Please use one of the following payment options – our least favourite is Paypal as they deduct a fee from your payment. Send us an email telling us what and when you paid so we can look for it’s arrival and then send you confirmation and the welcome letter. Thank you.

1/  Euro payment – using the IBAN number BE51 9670 1926 4162 and the account name Moves Into Consciousness Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) TRWIBEB1XXX

2/ GBP payment – using the Sort Code: 09-06-66 Account Number: 41750300 and the Account Name: Moves Into Consciousness

3/  Paypal – using the email address alainATmoves.me.uk  (PLEASE NOTE…..If making this donation via Paypal then choose the “sending to friend or family” option to keep their substantial fees to a minimum.

Whatever option you choose  please reference your payment with your name and the word “Meditation”

So that we can see who we are admitting to this group we ask that your name is displayed – not something generic like “dancer”- and that your camera is on, thank you.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 384 138 509

Alain & Sarah