Moves into Consciousness
May 13 - 15, 2022
Københavns Professionshøjskole (UCC Carlsberg Campus), Humletorvet 3, DK-1799 Copenhagen V.

We get lost in habitual thinking. Familiar narratives unconsciously replaying themselves while we hold our breath tightening and constricting the life force, and so separating from our true nature. This disconnection doesn’t feel good…Through movement, dance and sitting meditation we can find vitality, spaciousness, and light in everything that arises. Doing this we regain our own inherent kindness, renewing the relationship with our heart and basic nature.

In this workshop we create a shared space to meet and be with this essence of who we are.

No experience of any particular movement meditation or other practice is necessary.

Alain and Sarah founded “Moves Into Consciousness“(MIC) in 1997. Individually they have studied and practice diverse therapy, creative and spiritual disciplines, and together were trained by Gabrielle Roth to teach her 5Rhythms method, which they taught internationally for 20 years.In 2018 they recognized it was time for them to stop teaching that technique, or any particular form, whilst following the trajectory of their years of practice. They continue to lead dance, movement and meditation retreats, workshops, and online facilitation. The strong meditation and devotional practice they have informs their life and teaching, and is central to the core values and offerings of MIC. They both also work with individual clients seeking therapy, mentoring, supervision or other forms of support and guidance. Their intention is to share their own evolving experience of how to cultivate and support Presence in daily living.

May 13th (10am – 5pm)
May 14th (10am – 5pm)
May 15th (11am -17pm)

Earlybird if paid in full before April 1st1950* kr. (€250*)
Full price there after: 2250 kr. (€310)

Københavns Professionshøjskole (UCC Carlsberg Campus)
Humletorvet 3,
DK-1799 Copenhagen V.

Contact: Gunvor

Phone +45 41293460

Københavns Professionshøjskole (UCC Carlsberg Campus), Humletorvet 3, DK-1799 Copenhagen V.