April 1 - 3, 2022
Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway.

When we live with conditioned indifference to the extraordinary Mystery of Being, we lose the everyday glory of flower,
sky and breath. Disconnected, longing for something “out there’ to draw us close we turn “the heart” into a concept.
Another commodity; an idealized state of “very nice” which could we be fortunate enough to get hold of will make us happy.

However. There is no “out there”, all there is, is here now. Presence. Heart is not a concept.
We pulse with the glory of it’s beating intelligence.
When we pay less attention to the separation of constant thinking, we align with, and embody the Heart Centre.
It is our core, our true nature.

Living from there we are open to the tender, sensitive, vulnerable beauty of alive awake awareness.

This weekend workshop is part 2 of a trilogy organised by Hege Gabrielsen in Oslo, Norway.
“Embodied Heart” can be taken as a stand-alone workshop or as part of the collaborative trilogy between two 5 Rhythms® teachers and Moves into Consciousness.
The trilogy is intended as an exploration to embody and awaken direct experience of energy and interconnection, focusing on this in different ways.
For more details and to apply to any or all of these workshop mail to hege@dans5rytmer.no

Friday 18.00-21.00 , Saturday and Sunday 11.00-18.00, at Scenehuset, Majorstua, Oslo, Norway.

For all 3 workshops Nkr 5700,- / for 2 workshops Nkr 4400,- / for 1 workshop Nkr 2500,-

mail to hege@dans5rytmer.no and you will receive more information.

Scenehuset, Oslo, Norway.